How to Choose a Jewellery Box

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All things considered, what’s precious to you should be properly cared for. When it comes to your jewellery collection, you know the drill…storage is so important. You don’t want your items just laying out and about all over your dresser cabinet. Have them organized and safely in the perfect jewellery box. Here’s how to make the right choice! 

Make sure that your jewellery is secured 

You never know what could happen with your precious collection when no one’s watching. Better safe than sorry should be one of your principles in choosing a jewellery box so find one with a reliable lock system. Some boxes have built-in lock systems that only you and those you trust can know about. 

Find one with plush lining 

Skip the basic ones that have simple wooden surfaces and cheap felt lining inside. Your jewellery deserves better–something like a soft, cushion lining. Not only does a soft cushion add that luxurious feel to your jewellery box, but it also works to protect everything from being damaged. If a box is of great quality, the cushion should also contain moisture-wicking properties to get rid of elements that could rust and corrode your jewellery.

Consider the features 

How much space do you want? What jewellery items are you going to store together? Do you have a lot of items to store? Do you mostly own varieties with chunky designs that take up space and could damage other brittle items during storage? If you have one too many varieties, keep them sorted out by having a jewellery box with many compartments. If you’re often using certain pieces everyday, you want a box with a convenient, easy-to-access compartment while the others you don’t use frequently are nicely tucked in for special occasions. If you have a lot of necklaces and bracelets, you can consider a box with hooks that can allow you to neatly hang your stringed accessories. Or if you have too many of small pieces like pendants and rings, get a box with special small compartments that can easily be seen. Ultimately, the box should adjust to your requirements–not the other way around. Keep looking and you will find the perfect one! 

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