How to Take Care of (And Clean) Your Fashion Jewelry

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How to Take Care of (And Clean) Your Fashion Jewelry

We all have our sentimental reasons for the jewelry that we have. Because they are precious to us, we want them to stay in their best condition for a long time. To help you keep your beloved sparklers sparkling, we’re ranking up some tips and tricks for keeping them clean and at their best.

Keep away from chemicals and water

Whether you’re in the shower, the pool, or a hot tub, any contact with harmful chemicals like soap or chlorine can fade the color of the jewelry, no matter how much it’s supposed to be water or chemical-proof. So it’s best to remove them when you’re taking a dip. Also, your jewelry is adverse to sweat so think about wearing it while doing strenuous activities.  


Watch out for light and heat 

Just as the sun’s harmful rays can damage the skin, light and heat can also affect a jewelry’s condition. If you know you’re going to be outdoors and exposed to the sun for a long period of time, then it’s best not to wear your valuable jewelry. 


Thorough cleaning is obviously important 

Jewelry is prone to bacteria and germs because it has a lot of small nooks and crannies where dirt can build up. Clean your jewelry regularly using a proper cleaner or a mild detergent added with warm water. Using an old toothbrush or a soft brush, scrub gently on areas where dust and other particles usually pile up. Next, rinse thoroughly then immediately pat to dry using microfiber cloth. 


Proper storage is key 

Since jewelry goes to its storage when not in use, it’s only right that its storage is the most suitable one. Fabric-lined jewelry boxes are great for storing your jewelry. These have small compartments and linings that make sure your jewelry don’t get scratches. Molds and other tarnishing agents are also kept at bay. Smart tip: To maintain the luster of your jewelry, place anti-tarnish strips inside the storage so that it can absorb the oxidants that may discolor and tarnish your jewelry.

How long have you had your precious jewelry with you? How do you keep them looking their best?