Ways to care for Your Pen Collection

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Ways to care for your pen collection

Unlike, say, watch or jewellery collectors, there aren’t as many people who collect fancy pens. But we know too well that those who do take a knack for collecting pens are those who are really passionate about their special items. We understand your passion, and we’re here to help you keep your collection intact for a long time. While collector’s pens are designed to stand the test of time, it’s still imperative to do your role to preserve your pen’s beauty and lifespan. It’s only necessary to do these easy yet very fundamental steps. Read on to learn how you can take care of your pen collection the right way!

Cleaning your pens the proper way 

We recommend that you do cleaning for your pens every 4 to 8 weeks, especially when they’re often in use. For regular cleanings like this, it’s fine if you only wash the nib of a pen. Unscrew the pen, take out the nib, and wash individually using a pipette or syringe filled with room temperature distilled water (this is important to avoid the accumulation of limescale residue). Wash until the nib no longer leaks with ink. There’s no need to add any other solvents–having the ink dissolved in water by simple diffusion is more than enough. If it so happens that there’s ink encrusting, you can use a bit of detergent with the water solution to dissolve the hardened ink.

After cleansing with water, get the nib dried using absorbent paper, with the tip pointing downwards, just to make sure that ink residues are completely drained out. Aside from the nib, you also need to regularly clean the inside of the pen’s cap. A simple dabbing with damp absorbent paper will do.

Importance of a great pen box 

We talked about cleaning the nibs of pens. But do you know why the nibs of pens get messy in the first place? More often than not, it’s because your pens aren’t kept in proper storage. Ink dries up because of factors like temperature, humidity and motion, creating clogs on the nib over time. When a pen is placed in a box that controls these factors, the ink is less likely to make a stubborn turn that requires more maintenance on your part as a collector. Also, a collection just looks more organized when they’re lined up in a nice, fancy-looking box, don’t you think? If you’re choosing a box, go for the rectangular variants that are lined inside with cotton flannel or suede. Velvet lining isn’t recommended in this case because the nylon strands on the velvet can end up damaging the surface of the pens.

Storage position of a pen 

One last thing. When you put your pen collection inside a pen box, make sure that they’re also placed in the right direction. Don’t place the pens nib-down as this can damage the nib and also cause the ink to pool. Instead, have the pens placed nib-up or horizontally. If you need your pen automatically writing in top condition, however, we suggest you have it placed in a horizontal position as this keeps the nib wet and prevents gravity from pulling the ink away from the nib.

Do you have a pen collection or are you planning to start a collection of your own? What else do you want to know in terms of maintenance?