How to Avoid Damage to Your Jewelry

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How to avoid damage to your jewelry

Your jewelry is one of the most precious things you have, so of course you’ll want to protect them and keep them from getting damaged. While jewelry is said to be made for the rough, they can also be very fragile, so as the owner, you’re going to want to make certain precautions to be sure that your jewelry is always in top condition. 


Keep them away from water 


Natural materials like gold, diamond, silver, and gemstones lose the capacity to withstand continuous exposure to water during the complex process of refining them to what they are appreciated for. Hence, when your jewelry is made of such materials, they have the tendency to rust or discolor in the exposure of water (especially salt water) and moisture. Whenever you’re taking a bath, going outdoors for a swim or even just washing your hands, it will be a better idea to remove your jewelry first. 


Watch out for chemical damage 


Because you wear your jewelry, it’s exposed to external factors like chemicals found in your beauty products. Not only that, your activities can also affect the state of your jewelry–for instance, if you’re cleaning the house or doing the laundry with certain products, the harsh chemical ingredients can have some adverse effects on your jewelry. 


Be careful to prevent scratches and dents 


When you’re doing some strenuous activities, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you are wearing some jewelry. As you move your arms, there’s a tendency for your jewelry to hit surfaces which can cause scratches and dents that you obviously wouldn’t want. So before you get into some physically-demanding task, like exercising, playing sports or going outdoors for a hike, it’s best to leave your jewelry in a storage place where they should be. 


Store your jewelry in a neat jewelry box


Speaking of storage, your precious items should have a place where they can be properly stored and protected from outside factors. A great jewelry box has protective lining that keeps your items moisture-free and safe. The padding gives that extra protection from any damage. The outside shell should be made with material that’s truly durable and will not shatter to pieces at the first drop. 


Have you ever experienced jewelry damage before? What did you do about it?