How to Make Your Watch Last a Lifetime

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How to make your watch last a lifetime

Every luxury watch has a story to tell…and it’s a story that should be carried out and handed down for many lifetimes. It’s more than just a luxury piece to show off; it’s a symbol of your identity and hard work. It’s a reminder of how far you’ve come because of your perseverance and ability to make the most of life. 

This is why it’s so important to treat your luxury watch in a way that deserves to be treated. These are some tips you can follow in order to make sure that your watch is always at its best now and for a very long time. 


Cleaning and regular maintenance is necessary 

Like every single piece of a luxury item, a watch needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it functioning and looking in top shape. The proper way of cleaning a luxury watch is simple: just use a soft cloth to wipe down the watch band and case and remove any particles of dirt or dust. You can also try to soak the watch band in gentle soap and water every couple of months, just to loosen the dirt further. 

Along with cleaning, it is absolutely essential to have your watch checked and maintained by a licensed expert to ensure that it’s kept optimized and free from future complications. 


It’s a must to wind the watch regularly 

As you move, the rotor of the watch you’re wearing continues to spin and tighten the mainspring. If you stop using the watch for a long period of time, the power reserve will drain energy, stopping the rotor from spinning.

With manual winding watches, it is suggested to turn the crown between 30-40 times. As for automatic watches, you can also simply shake the watch a few times and let the oscillating rotor inside wind the mainspring to get power again. If you don’t have the energy for all these, then a watch winder is a definite must. This device keeps your watch running even when you’re not using it–that means that the watch is kept lubricated through certain mechanisms that only a dedicated watch winder is capable of doing.


Proper storage is absolutely important 

It’s a given that a watch needs to go inside a sturdy watch storage box, otherwise it can be vulnerable to getting scratched or dropped. And when we talk about storage, it’s only right that it should be the most suitable one. Your luxury watch deserves it. Go for those fabric-lined boxes so the surface of your watch is ensured to be scratch-free from wood. Those with implemented glass windows on top are also great so you can easily view your collection without opening the lid. Also, the more additional drawers and compartments, the better! 

How do you take care of your luxury watch? Are you thinking of getting a new winder or box soon?