Ways to Organize your Accessories

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Ways to Organize your Accessories

Organizing your accessories can be a bit overwhelming. From tiny pieces such as jewelry and watches to bigger accessories such as scarfs, belts, and bags – it can be a bit tricky. Unlike clothes that are way larger and can be stored in an easier and pretty straightforward manner, organizing and storing accessories requires a little bit of work. 

Approaches to organizing your jewelry and accessories can be based on your personality and organizational style. There’s no right or wrong way of storing your accessories but regardless, some storage solutions might help you figure it out. 

Here are some tips on how you can keep your things organized and pleasing to the eyes:

Use hooks and racks

An easy way to store belts, ties, and scarfs is to place hooks flat on your wall or the side of your shelves. If you don’t own too many of these accessories, then they won’t take too much space and you can just neatly hang and organize them. If you prefer another storage option, then you can use a belt and tie rack.

Keep it classy with dresser drawers.

If you want to store your accessories and jewelry in an organized way where you can easily find them at first glance, the use of dresser drawers is a smart and classic option. You can group your things by kind, color, or style with the use of the dividers inside the drawers.

Box them up

For accessories like hats, beanies, and caps, you can organize them by using boxes. Boxes are sturdy and stackable so if you have enough space in your room or in your walk-in closet, use of boxes is the best way to store them.

A simple solution is a tray.

Organizing the smaller pieces such as watches, sunglasses, and your everyday jewelry requires more attention because they can be easily misplaced or lost. You can store them in trays that you can place them where you can easily see. Find the perfect accessory box or tray to store and organise your accessories such as watches and cufflinks, even your mobile phone. It should have a great compartment size to fit all your trinkets and it comes in a stylish design that keeps everything looking elegant.