Dos and Don’ts for Men’s Jewelry

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Dos and Don'ts for men's jewelry

From watches to necklaces, to cufflinks and tie clips, men are not falling behind when it comes to their accessories game. After all, getting a bit of bling adds intrigue and class to an outfit, whether worn in the office, during casual affairs, or on formal occasions. As you try to navigate the world of fashion and accessorizing, here are some quick dos and don’ts when it comes to men’s jewelry!

Do wear a watch that matches all occasions 

Watches area staple in a man’s look. They’re functional, and stylish, they show your unique personality, and they’re truly a conversation starter! If you’re a practical dude, you’d appreciate a watch you can wear in all settings–from business lunches to formal black-tie occasions to diving in deep waters. If that’s you, make sure to invest in a watch that has the perfect balance of formal, casual, and cool. 

Don’t overaccessorize 

Nothing is more cringy than trying too hard and wearing everything all at once. Keep it to a minimum and make sure the accessories you pick are cohesive. For instance, your tie clip should be in the same shade and finish as your cufflink. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment 

Feeling a bit fancy these days but afraid that the necklace you’ve been eyeing will be too adventurous for the style you’ve been used to? We say, go for it. It’s all about confidence and committing to it. That said, just keep in mind to have everything at a minimum! If you already have a fancy necklace on, there’s no need to stack up on bracelets or rings in the same look too!


Do use a cufflink jewelry box 

For adding polish and charm to formal wear or business attire, a good pair of cufflinks shall do the trick. With sophistication and style, you’re well on your way to showcasing your unique personality with a good pair of cufflinks. Not only that, they keep your cuffs neat too! Now, while cufflinks are a definite must-have in your accessories list, they’re also quite tricky to store and keep. To make sure that these little pieces don’t get misplaced, it’s important to store them in a dedicated cufflink jewelry box! These unique boxes usually have small slots that are lined with a soft, velvety material. If you’re looking for a great cufflink jewelry box, go and check out the lineup we have on our shopping page!