5 Tips To Help You Choose A Mens Watches

The watch you wear does more than just tell time. It also tells people a little about you. You don’t want your wrist watch to be distracting. You simply want to look nice and make a good first impression. That’s all. Here are some tips to help you choose the right mens watch: #1 – Choose a reputable brand. […]


Finding a the right watch winder can be overwhelming. We’ve combined a few common questions and important notes that are good to check out before buying your first winder. What exactly is a watch winder? A watch winder is a device used to keep automatic or self winding watches wound when they are not being […]


I hear this question a fair amount – obviously enough to push me to write an article. It’s a fair question, no doubt. Just take a moment to Google “watch winder”, and you’ll find nothing short of a plethora of winders to consider. You could say the market is big enough to make the layperson […]

Cufflink Materials

Cufflink Materials Cufflinks can be made of almost anything, and ornamented with everything from precious stones to repurposed novelty junk. Gold, silver, and platinum are obvious favorites, especially for cufflinks that have no other decorative materials, and that rely on the quality of their metal alone for aesthetic value. Cufflink-Materials 400 Other popular materials include: […]

7 Best Ways To Maintain Watches

1.As a matter of fact, every luxury watchmaker suggest to have a brief look at the manufacturer’s warranty for a proper maintenance. Every timepiece needs to be overhauled every three to five years to check the efficiency and performance of the product. Any repairs suggested by the watch experts need to be done (such as […]