How can I order online?

Step 1: Browse Products by Category: Begin by navigating to the “Shop” menu on top, then click the sub-category you wish to review on the right and browse the list of products available.

Step 2: Add to cart: Click on the product you wish to purchase, under each item you can select the quantity you want by using the arrows next to the ‘Qty’ box. You then need to click ‘add to basket’ and you can continue shopping. Please note that all quantities appearing in this box are minimum order quantities.

Step 3:To update or remove a quantity: Click the ‘Checkout’ button and change the number in the ‘Quantity’ field or click ‘Remove’ to delete the item. When you have made all your changes, click on the ‘Update Cart’ button.

Step 4: Checkout: Click on ‘Checkout’ then you can review the products and shipping details,  then click on the “proceed to checkout” button then enter the billing/shipping details. you can select a  different shipping address by tick the “ship to a different address” box.

After that please select the shipping method and payment methods.

Step 5: Submit the order: Carefully check over your order and if you have no changes to make, click ‘Place Order’ to finalise.

Your order will be sent to us for processing, you will receive a confirmation email and invoice with a copy of your order.