Best ways to Take Care of Your Watches While traveling

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You’re a jet-setter, a modern wanderer who cannot be contained in just one address. And it just so happens that you’re often traveling with something precious. Your luxury watch collection, for instance.
Whether that’s really you in a nutshell, or you simply just need to travel and bring your watch along to suit your look while on an adventure, we’re here to let you in on a secret: Yes, there’s a fail-proof way to travel around with your valuable watches in tow.
Bring your own cleaning kit 
You never know where your adventure will take you and finding a go-to guy to clean and care for your watches isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why bringing your own basic kit is a must. A basic one can include the following: A flannel or microfiber cloth to wipe the watch surface, a gentle cleaning spray (a small bottle will do so you can bring it on your hand-carry bag), and maybe some small cotton buds to take care of the hard-to-reach corners. Easy!
Check the gaskets and seals regularly 
Generally, all luxury watches are made to withstand splashes of water. But not every watch is created equal when it comes to being submerged underwater. If it so happens that you find yourself on a beach or even a diving trip, and your watch has been exposed to water for a long time, it’s good to take some precautions of checking the gaskets and seals. On the contrary, if a watch is always kept dry, this might also have the tendency of drying out the material used in gaskets and seals, impairing its resistance to water. If you don’t know how to check the gaskets and seals, take your watch to the most convenient branch of its maker brand. Most of these luxury watchmakers offer a unique service where they can check your watch’s seal potency and water resistance through a machine with several pressure settings.
Store your watch on a reliable travel watch case
Your watch should undergo the same kind of precautionary treatment as other valuable items while on transit. This means storing them on a reliable travel watch case. What makes a travel watch case a reliable one? With its durable casing, it should provide great protection for your watches.
A travel watch case also comes in several sizes. Pick an adequate size depending on how many watches you’re bringing to your trip. For one you can easily secure inside a small bag, choose a compact-sized travel watch case that can hold a maximum of three or four watches. If you are okay with checking in the watches inside your luggage, you can pick a bigger case.
A cushioned interior will also make sure that your watch won’t obtain scratches. You can also look for other features like secret compartments or extra locks. And since it’s made for traveling, it should be compact and lightweight too! Lastly, consider its exterior. Leather casings always sound nice and suitable for your luxury travel look!
How do you take care of your watch while traveling?